Brown Paper Packages Tied-up w/ String...

So the Christmas season is upon us and I have begun my shopping. I always get a little sad when Christmas shopping because I always see great men's gifts with no one besides my Daddy to give them to. I've already hooked Dad up with a fly ass wool 3 button Ralph Lauren Top Coat. Now if only I had a stocking to fill for someone special...

I think I have a talent for gift giving. It's one of my favorite things to do. To me it's the best part of Christmas (yes even better than receiving). There's nothing more awesome to see someones face light all up and knowing that you put that glow there.

Since I don't have anyone significant to lavish upon, I figured I'd put together a quick guide to some of my favorite gift ideas for those who are gifting challenged:

To me the key to successful gift selection is honing on the things your boo loves then most and then finding the best whatever that is... here are some examples -

Hood men -
Does your sweetie rock a hoodie 24/7, 365? Is he the type that will throw on a hoodie over his dress shirt? Why not take him to the next level w/ this:

Juicy Couture Reversible Fleece and Rabbit Fur Hoody - $675

Walk Softly (but carry a big stick) -
I'm a big fan of slippers and I know quite a few men who are too. There's nothing like rolling through the grocery store in sweats and slippers. My philosophy is that if they didn't intend for you to wear them outdoors, then they wouldn't have put rubber tread on the bottoms. If your honey's pair are looking raggedy around the edges, treat his tootsies to an upgrade:
Sampson Slipper by Ugg - $104

or if he has the swag to pull it off, opt for these:

Stubbs & Wootton Slippers - $350

Legalize it -
If you boo likes to take a toke, instead of a Zippo lighter that he's likely to loose, opt for these:

For Your Party Monogram Matches - $48/Set of 50

Stuntin is a Habit - Are you dating a brotha that stays dapper. Trump that tie clip he bought himself and they cuff links you picked up for his birthday by dazzling him with these pimpish male furnishings:

Tateossian Mother of Pearl Collar Stays - $48/pair

Gym Rat -
Are you dating a muscle man who lives in the gym? Does his body look great but his gym bag looks like he'd been using it as a punching bag? Do you just have a bunch of extra cash lying around? Then this gift is for you (for him):

Marc Jacobs Luxe Gym Bag - $850

Protect Yo Paper -
I had a Black man explain to me recently that men (or at least Black men) are impervious to water (this was after I inquired as to why he was walking out in the rain w/ no umbrella and why he refused to stand under mine). While he maybe be waterproof, I'm pretty sure his canvas messenger bag was not. If you're dating Aqua Man, get him some waterproof gear to go with his natural suit of armor:

SealLine Urban Bag - $149.95

I have more where this came from... check back for updates throughout the shopping season!! :o)

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