A child at heart...

I had a house guest recently, and their visit illuminated a very interesting story arch in my life.

Growing up, I was kind of a quiet kid. I was outwardly sociable; I had plenty of superficial friends at school and had an enthusiastic personality, but somehow I usually ended up playing at home alone on weekends. I had all the cool toys and games. I had the Nintendo w/ the Power Pad and the Power Glove, I had the Super Nintendo with the Super Scope. If there was a hot board game, I had that. Top of the line swing set, and a killer sandbox, but usually I found myself playing in it by myself.

Having all the greatest toys and owning the top score on all the games is pointless when the most fun/challenge is had with 2 or more players.

So recently I had a house guest and with "childlike enthusiasm" I showed him some of my favorite toys and we played a few of my favorite games. I think I proved that I'm nice with a joystick and I can rope it up w/ the best of them playing cowboys and indians... I love role playing games.

I've never been one to "bribe" my way into friends. I don't openly advertise the attractions at Cherry's playhouse. It is not Six Flags; everyone is not invited. As a kid I never walked around going "I have this game and that toy and a jungle gym this big and huge maracas..." (Okay so maybe I do admittedly flaunt the maracas a bit, but can u blame me... they are pretty awesome) ;o)

Anyways... I think my playroom is full of fun surprises for those who venture inside.

I had grand fun, but now things have see-sawed back to normal....

Now that my play date is over, it's back to playing alone in my sandbox, and that's... sad.


Okay so I've been TERRIBLE at this whole blogging regularly thing. So I've decided to set new rules for myself. Originally my concept was to blog weekly and post every Sunday. What I've found however is that it's impossible for me to just set aside time to write on Sunday and then post. So... from here on out I'm just going to blog when the spirit moves me, but post primarily on Sundays. I think that will work much better for me :)