Security Stick

I woke up this morning after I rather restless sleep.  I tossed and turned so much that I made a big rip in my 800tc (that stand for threat count for those not in the know) sheets.

me = pissed about it... guess I know what I'll be buying on payday ::sigh::

Anywho, my restless night reminded me of one of my good friends and her need/want of a security stick and how I too would like one.

So, I'm sure you're wondering what in the world a security stick is...


Some people have security blankets, actual ones and other things that make them feel safe, like a crusty ass one-eyed teddy bear they've had since child hood, or a blankey, I have one friend who sleeps with a bible under her pillow.  Well a security stick would be that nice one between your man's legs, planted firmly against your back at night.

I know... go ahead and giggle, but it's true.  Something about log lump laying snugly behind you as you slumber just makes you sleep tight, and there's nothing that is really a good substitute.

Like my girl said "there's nothing going to bed with a dick on your back."

Quote it!

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