So I've been doing a bad job keeping up with my blogging.  I need to make time in my schedule to actually post regularly, but in the meantime I decided I'd bring over some posts from an older blog I had that fell by the wayside.   And I promise starting this week (pinky swear) I will update at least weekly :)

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10.17.06 - WHY NOT A WHORE?...

I dunno if you watch Nip/Tuck (it's a great show), but tonight's episode kinda threw me for one.  You know how sometimes a show can like illustrate your worst fear, or maybe show you a truth you didn't wanna know... yeah, it was one of those episodes.

So there's this kid Christian on the show.  He's the guy every man wants to be; super arrogant, crazy cocky, a paid ass plastic surgeon, completely pampered.  He's has a ridiculous apartment and is always having some out of control sexual escapade.

I've never been able to watch the show religiously, but in the last two seasons I've seen him have a number of threesomes with these ridiculously gorgeous women, the most recent of which was with a mother and daughter.  He's the biggest jack ass you've ever seen.  He slept w/ a big girl but made her wear a bag on her head... no literally I big brown paper bag...

So, he's had this off and on relationship with this chick Kimber who's an off and on porn star (I'm sure you assumed that as soon as you read the name).  They're both equally fucked up, but somehow Christian always manages to screw Kimber over.  Everytime she leaves him and kinda gets her life together, he squirms his way back in.  Last season they got engaged and he went on this whole long thing about being in love with her and how he wasn't for monogomy but could be with her, "you complete me" the whole shpeel.  Oh, and of couse... he shitted on her not too long after that.

This season Kimber has REALLY gotten it together.  Okay, so she's become a scientologist... BUT she's content with her life.

Christian on the other hand fell in love with this one chick then fucked it all up by being his jack ass self.  So what does he do next...

That's right, he runs right to Kimber's house... no literally the same damn day.  He shows up drunk off his ass and looking pitiful.  So of course she lets him in.

He says he needs her help.  He figured maybe if Scientology helped her then maybe it will work for him.  He said all the things that sounded like he was ready to make a change in his life.  He was so helpless and in need.  Then he pushed up on her, gave her the "I know you want me.  Don't you still think about me?...blah, blah, talk panties off, blah"

So Kimber gives in, they're fucking on the counter tops etc.

Cut to after.  Kimber is lounging all happy on the couch.  She walks to the bedroom and slides into the nook, looking all fulfilled and happy and says "let's just lock ourselves in and order takeout and make love all weekend", Christian says no, he has to go to work.  Kimber makes a second offer to meet up with him at her church.

Christian gets up to get dressed and says "are you fucking kidding me?  I'm not going to some wacko bullshit!"  She gets that confused look like "but you said..."

Here's the priceless part:

Christian cuts her off, "I said what I always say... whatever it takes to get laid." (jack ass smirk on face)

Kimber retorts, "How can you be so cruel!  Why come to me?!?!? Why not just fuck one of your whores!!!!?!?!?"

His response (this made me cringe), "Whores?, they just give you their body.  I needed more than that.  I needed to feel like the most important thing in the world.  So I came to you."

She then proceeded to smack the shit out of him and he kinda laughed her off and threw her on the bed and walked out...


Now, most dudes have NO WHERE NEAR the balls to say some shit like that and be that straight forward and blunt with someone...

HOWEVER, damned if that shit didn't ring true some where.  I actually had to change the channel cause it really disturbed me.  I had to stop and think... is that why me?

I've had so many of my female friends come to me with "why?"

Why did he lie?

Why does he play with my feelings?

Why does he always come back to me if he doesn't want to be with me?

If he had a girl, was in love with her, was not interested, was not feeling me, if I wasn't the one, if I wasn't his type, if I wasn't x, y, or z?

Is it because we loved them?  Is it because we made them feel loved and they knew we'd give it to them without knowing for sure we'd get it in return?  Are they just using us?

And though I know it's been said a million times, a million ways, seeing it like that... it was never truer.

... damn.

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