Good Eats

I went grocery shopping the other day and my register receipt was as follows:

Pillsbury Break N Bake Cookies - 2.99
Shiraz Cabernet - 5.64
1 Gal. Spring Water - 1.29
0.5lbs Lobster Claws - 4.45

Total: 14.37

I'm impressed w/ my own bougieness... Lol

Nothing says late 20s and single like chocolate, wine, water and LOBSTER! I had all the essentials. The water keeps me hydrated, my skin fresh and my body healthy. The chocolate chip cookies provide a little decadence. I love savoring the fullness of a bold, perfectly aged red wine, makes me feel like a grown-up. And the lobster gives that hint of luxury I was missing these last few weeks.

Or maybe what I'm looking for is a refreshing and well matured chocolaty man with a bent towards luxuriousness.


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