I Should've Had a V8...

So after 4 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days, I finally gave in...

I know, I said I'm brand loyal, and I'm definitely a Coke drinker but dammit I needed a soda!!!

So... I finally said fuck it!  Well, not quite... I didn't run out and pick up a Pepsi.  It seems so popular nowadays but it's too sweet.  I also wasn't going to run out and grab a Shasta or Safeway Select brand cola.  I can't just drink anything.  I couldn't bring myself to event consider a Rock Creek cola... it's way too hood.

Then I happened upon an RC Cola.  I remember back in the day I used to really liked RC Cola.  It felt really outdated, but I looked at it like vintage as opposed to a throw back.  I rationalized that sometimes it's good to take it back.  Maybe I should reminisce a bit... WRONG!!!

At first it seemed cool...  The idea of an RC Cola sounded tempting.  It had been quite some time since I had one and I remembered a time when I was all about RC Cola.  I knew exactly where to find it.  Then I was over it and I stopped drinking sodas alltogether for a while.  But then earlier this year I got on a Coke kick and decided that was what I liked.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a cola girl, but every cola has a different character to it.  Subtle things that make one better than the other... and Coke just seemed to have all the right features.

It might be because I had an RC and kinda expected it to be a Coke or maybe they're just not making RC like they used to, but it just didn't hit the spot.  

I drank it.  I finished it, but... I knew like two sips in that it was not what I wanted.  

I like a cola strong.  One that has a kick to it.  I like Coke cause it catches you in the chest.  Every sip makes you pause and consider it.  You can't 1/2 mindedly drink a Coke.  It commands your full attention.  It's a bold drink.  It's forceful.  It has staying power, and keeps it's fizz.  It's also quenching.  It satisfies.  It doesn't need any bells or whistles... it doesn't need a twist of lemon, or even ice for that matter... (though I'm known for putting a cherry on top mine, but that's just cause everything is better with a cherry ;)

The RC was kinda aiight... I guess.  The first sip was good, but then it kinda fell flat from there.  It wasn't how I remembered it, it just turned out to be not what I wanted to drink but it was there,  it was open, I was super thirsty, so I half-heartedly finished it and then tossed it out.


If nothing else I think it kinda killed my craving for soda all together for a while.  I find myself quite disillusioned and considering cutting back again... 

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